Hello There,
My name is Dan Thiel and I am an Entertainer and Master Balloon Artist working out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

I have been performing professionally full time for 7 years now. I can make ANYTHING out of balloons.

I am available for: Pancake Breakfasts, Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Rodeos, Festivals, Church Picnics and basically anywhere you find groups of people.

I make any animal under the sun, over 70 major cartoon characters and balloons that look like people (Balloonicatures).

I have recently been booked for the following festivals:

Silver Skate Festival, February 18/06
(Featured Strolling Entertainer)

The Edmonton Golf Show 2006, -March 4/5, 2006 -
(Featured strolling entertainer)

The Alberta Pork Congress - March 15/16, 2006 -
(Featured Strolling Entertainer)

The Calgary Golf Show 2006 - March 25/26, 2006 -
(Featured Strolling Entertainer)

The Wetaskiwin Trade Show - April 21-23, 2006 -
(Featured Entertainer)

The Yellowknife Trade Fair - May 14/15, 2006 -
(Featured entertainer)

100 Mile House Street fest, May 20, 2006-
(Featured entertainer)

The Rainmaker Rodeo 2006 - Saint Albert, Alberta - May 26-28, 2006
(Featured strolling entertainer)

Northern Alberta International Children's Festival 2006 - May 30 - June 3, 2006
(Featured strolling entertainer for entire 5 days)

Yellowknife Summer Solstice Festival 2006 June 19-23, 2006
(Featured entertainer 3 years in a row)

The Longest Days Festival – Whitehorse, Yukon June 26-30, 2006

(Featured entertainer)
Canada Day Celebration - County of Strathcona - July 1, 2006 -
(Featured entertainer )

The Magnificent River Rats Festival Athabasca, Alberta - July 2, 2006
(Featured Entertainer)

The Calgary Stampede - Calgary, Alberta - July 7-16, 2006 -
(Featured Strolling Entertainer for entire 10 days)

Edmonton's Capital Ex 2006 - July 20-29, 2006
(Featured strolling entertainer for entire 10 days)

The Royal Alberta Museum Bug Exhibit - August 8-10, 2006 - (Featured Strolling entertainer)
interPLAY Festival Fort Mc 2006 - August 11-13, 2006
(Featured entertainer doing balloonicatures of people as well as 3 stage presentations of some of my larger sculptures)

Creston Valley Fest - Creston, BC - September 1-3, 2006 - (Featured Entertainer)
CentreFest Red Deer 2007

I can be utilized in a number of ways:

1. Line work - I can twist whatever a child asks for while interacting with them and being generally very goofy while doing it. Usually my creations are in the 3-10 balloon range, but I do this while doing what balloon twisters call "speed twisting". I have been told quite a few times that my hands are moving waaaaaaaay too fast. I have never entered a national competition, but have been told by many people that my balloons are the best they have ever seen. I use glow sticks inside many of my creations to glow up eyes, unicorn horns, headlights for a motorcycle, etc....the possibilities are endless!! I can do this working a line-up of my own, or as something for people that may be standing in a line-up for rides/breakfast/shows, etc. to do so that the wait doesn't seem as long.

2. Strolling - I can stroll your event while performing my "strolling balloon sideshow". This type of performance consists of Dan the Balloon Man fully costumed as either a Cowboy with chaps filled with balloons or a colorful vest and balloon apron. Strolling your event, I will twist:

A) A bear on a motorcycle with goggles, a helmet and working headlight (I use glow sticks inside many of my creations)
B) Super-frog (complete with character background)
C) One of the 70 cartoon characters that I make....but I will do it blindfolded.
D) My "Motivational hat". This consists of a balloon hat with a long string with a carrot on the end of it. I Place this on the child's head and tell him to get the carrot that is just out of reach.
I walk off into the sunset to hit another "small pocket" of people.

3. Stage Work - I can pre-twist some amazing creations in my hotel room and assemble all of the pieces on stage to music. This will consist of something like an undersea theme with a few mermaids, schools of fish, an octopus...that sort of thing. This can be done on any scale you would like either as an impromptu something for people to watch from an audience while they eat their lunches for anywhere up to an hour.
The beauty of this performance is two-fold: You can sell tickets on whatever I build and raffle it off as a fundraiser and the other benefit is that I can build something tailored to your event.

4. Balloon Workshops - I can run balloon workshops, teaching the general public how to make basic balloon creations. This is something that can be done with kids "Of all ages". It is amazing how this event seems to bring out the kid in all of us and it is also a very nice Family activity.

I have literally thousands of shows under my belt and I have developed and finely tuned my balloons and interaction. I do not use any "off-color" humor and everything I do is G -rated. I fully understand that I am there as an ambassador for you.

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions.

I look forward to hearing from you!!


Dan Thiel
Dan the Balloon Man
(780) 499-4286 - cell

Performing Highlights

Edmonton First Night Festival December 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003
-Provided entertainment for the crowds attending Edmonton First Night Festival

Edmonton Valley Zoo Summer 2001, 2002
-Worked all of the major summer functions at the Valley Zoo.

St. Albert International Children's Festival May 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
-Featured balloon twister. Booked this year as well.

2001 World Games Summer 2001
-Feature performer to entertain the athletes.

Klondike Days Association Summer 2001, 2002,2003
-Exclusive balloon artist for all Klondike Days events including:

  • All Klondike Breakfasts
  • Klondike Marketplace
  • Sourdough Raft race
  • A Taste Of Edmonton
  • Sunday Promenade

    Edmonton International Fringe Festival Summer 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004

    Playdium March 2003-September 2003
    Gateway Recreation Center March 2003-September 2003
    Boston Pizza Terwillegar September 2003- Present
    West Edmonton Mall September 2003- Present
    Nelson Street Performer's Festival July 2004
    Rick Bronson's The Comic Strip November 2004 - present
    Boston Pizza Calgary Trail March 2005 - present

    Customer Testimonials

    Dear Dan:
    Thank you for helping thousands of festival patrons Discover the World at this year's International Children's Festival! Dedicated artists like yourself create the all-important first impression that our patrons look forward to each year. You are responsible for thousands of smiles and we appreciate your skill, patience and enthusiasm with every single parent, teacher and child.

    Sandra Maloney - Site Coordinator
    Nancy Abrahamson - General Manager

    Dear Dan,
    We wanted to thank you for your involvement with the 2006 Alberta PGA Golf Shows this past winter. You were by far the most popular attraction for the 450 kids, the 7,000 adults and probably for most of the 78 exhibitors we had.

    When we had originally talked about providing some strolling balloon entertainment for the patrons of our golf shows, I can honestly say that we were not expecting the level of talent that you brought to the table. Some of the exhibitors are still talking about some of the amazing creations that you left behind for them in their booths.

    It was a pleasure to work with you and it was equally as enjoyable for us to watch you perform for the kids.

    We also cannot thank you enough for accommodating our show schedule and needs like you did.

    We hope to see you at the shows again next year.

    Phillip Berube - Executive Director, Alberta PGA

    Dear Dan,
    On behalf of the Calgary Exhibition & Stampede, I wanted to thank you for being a part of the 2006 edition of the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

    Your contributions to our show ensured that our guests had a terrific experience attending this year's Calgary Stampede.

    Thanks you for your participation. We hope you enjoyed yourself as much as our guests enjoyed watching your performance.

    Dan Finley - Entertainment Manager, Calgary Stampede

    To Whom it May Concern,
    I am happy to respond to Dan Thiel's request for a letter of recommendation. It was my pleasure to meet Dan this summer when he participated for one week in our second annual Longest Days Street Fair in Whitehorse.

    Right from the airport, Dan's professionalism and enthusiasm were apparent. His easy-going friendly demeanor made him a favorite among my crew and his flexibility with times and venue changes made my job easy. He even went out of his way to work near reluctant sponsors to allow us an easier sales pitch for next summer.

    On the street Dan is a balloon artist of exceptional skill. Whereas some balloonists are content to simply twist away, Dan provides a real performance, engaging kids and adults alike; even the challenging teen couldn't help being entertained by Dan's witty remarks and charming personality.

    Dan's creations speak for themselves. They are truly amazing works of imagination. Watching one being made is like seeing a puzzle be assembled. What appears to be a jumble of tubes suddenly emerges as a lively and loveable critter. Aha!!

    I have no trouble sending Dan to you with my highest recommendations. He brought a lot of smiles to the faces in Whitehorse and we look forward to seeing him again.

    Ryan McCallion - Fair Coordinator, Longest Days Street Fair


    Letter of Reference for Dan the Balloon Man

    When you are looking for a Balloonologist for your next event, you will not find one better than Dan the Balloon Man. Dan performed at the Fort McMurray interPLAY Festival in 2006. His level of skill combined with his incredible work ethic, made him worth his weight in latex….uh, I mean GOLD!

    His ability to create balloonicatures and stunning balloon animals and figures was UNBELIEVABLE. From a producer’s point-of-view, Dan the Balloon Man delivered on all levels. He was great to work withand a delight for our Festival patrons.

    Hire him as soon as you can!! It’s as simple as that.


    Russell Thomas

    interPLAY Festival President (1997-2006)

    To whom it may concern,

    The South Cariboo Chamber of Commerce has hosted a Street Festival in 100 Mile house for the past 8 years.

    We have been very successful in contracting street entertainers and performers from all over Canada and the United States.

    Each year we try to change it up some, in an attempt to keep the interest level high and annually draw a large crowd to the downtown area.

    We have been very fortunate in engaging what I feel are some of the highest qualified performers on the circuit.

    This past May 2006, Dan Thiel joined our show for the first time as "Dan the Balloon Man". There are many balloon twisters in the business, but it was Dan's variety and detail in his amazing animals that appealed to me. This incredibly talented fellow is a cut above any others in the business that I have seen to date. Mobbed by kids due to his popularity during the day, he displayed a fabulous rapport with the anxious children as well as some of the most unique balloon creations I have ever seen.

    I hope to book Dan again as a repeat performance.

    At the end of the day, I would say your only mistake would be in not hiring him for your event.

    Regards, Beverly Kendy
    Little Britches Street Fest Co-coordinator

    To Whom It May Concern,

    June 5, 2006

    Please accept this reference letter as my strongest personal recommendation of Dan the Balloon Man.

    I recently had the privilege of working with Dan the Balloon Man on a number of different events leading up to and including Rainmaker Rodeo & Exhibition. It was perhaps one of the most astute entertainment booking decisions I have made during my more than 25 years in the Special Events Industry.

    To suggest that Dan the Balloon Man has peers in his entertainment niche would be to diminish his talents. His talent is extraordinary and his commitment to providing quality entertainment value is substantial. His versatility and flexibility are rare in this industry and I have encountered few entertainers as willing to go the extra mile to exceed client expectations.

    Anyone seeking to add a high quality and unique entertainer to their event should look no further than Dan the Balloon Man. Should you require a more detailed testimonial for Dan the Balloon Man please do not hesitate to contact me directly.


    Paul Husband
    Senior Manager

    The Progressive Marketing Alliance

    “It is always a pleasure working with Dynamite Dan the Balloon Man. As a result of Dan’s Rapport with our guests and his artful balloon creations he has become a fixture at a majority of Northlands Park major events including Edmonton’s Klondike Days Exposition and Canadian Finals Rodeo. Guests always walk away with a smile for Dan ensures everyone was entertained, even if they didn’t receive a balloon. He plays with their imaginations as they watch a suggestion take form.To organizations considering booking Dynamite Dan the Balloon Man, this entertainer is a crowd favourite and his balloon creations are truly unique. Northlands Park would definitely recommend Dan the Balloon Man to any fair, festival, or event searching for a quality attraction that keeps the crowd entertained.”
    Kim Simkin
    Event Manager
    Northlands Park

    “Dan has been performing at our Summer Solstice Festival, National Aboriginal Days Festival and Raven Mad Daze since 2004. We have had numerous positive comments on his style of entertainment. His balloons are truly a very unique art form. This guy can make ANYTHING out of balloons and the detail he adds to his creations is nothing short of amazing!! That is why we will continue to recommend his services to any event organizer looking for consistent jaw-dropping entertainment…”
    Lisa Tesar,
    Executive Director
    Bottom Line PR Company
    Yellowknife, NWT

    “Dan the Balloon Man has been providing our guests with outstanding balloon creations on a weekly basis since 2003 and has become an expected delight for all of our guests from the young to old. In the fast paced service industry, Dan’s performances on Wednesday nights have increased our sales volumes by a remarkable margin and reduced guest concerns to a minimum. Dan has proven himself to be reliable, friendly, and cooperative with both staff and patrons. Dan has become a valued member of our team and we hope to retain his services for many years to come. If you have any questions in regard to Dan, please feel free to call either Greg or Don Hansen”
    Don Hansen
    Boston Pizza Terwillegar

    "Dan, Thank you for participating in the Royal Alberta Museum's Spring Spectacular. The balloon creations you twisted were innovative, appropriate, and excited the kids!! I heard comments from visitors that you made balloons like they had never seen before and that you were amazing. I know that all of the staff enjoyed working with you and that you were always friendly and accommodating. Thank you for the FANTASTIC entertainment!!
    Kim Gough
    Programs and Special Events Co-ordinator
    The Royal Alberta Museum

    "Numerous people commented on how much they enjoyed watching your interaction with the children as you created many different balloon items and shapes. You were able to comply with requests as well as supply many innovative creations of your own"
    Cathy Hueft
    Office Manager
    Aircom Industries

    "I heard nothing but rave reviews about you!!! It must feel great to be able to descend upon a group of children and have them smiling and laughing with your talent and entertainment in just a matter of minutes……..when next we have an event to plan, you will be "A" on our list…."
    Shelley Shields
    Kindervillage Preschool

    "You have done an amazing job!!! The comments from our customers is nothing short of amazing!! Not to mention the boost you give my staff when you walk in!!!"
    Jim Morgan
    Playdium Corporation

    "Dan is a wonderful ambassador to the Valley Zoo. His interaction and professionalism would be an asset to any gathering!! I would not hesitate to recommend him for your next function"
    Tannia Dowler
    Special Events Planner
    City of Edmonton
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